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Aug. 22nd, 2008

Out of school for summer

Finished up school last week!!!  
Spent the weekend in Boston with old friends (jess and julie) from Hawaii.  It was great to check out Mass. and swim in Gloucester waters.  Drama set teh stage as always but it is stuff I can laugh about now.  Note to self, stay away from attractive Havard men in their mid 30's who have a fantasic house on the water...  with that comes pyscho ex financees.  
Made a quick turn around to SF and got soooo sick.  I have been on the DL since i got here.  I had temp, chills, and a sore throat I could barely swallow.  Getting back on the up and up.  Was not sure I would make it to burning man but now feeling more positive about it.  Met Jen at Monk's (awesome pub in the mission, great beer!) then crashed and woke up to the raw throat that i now have.  Spent  Wed. in urgent care, clearing my mind of strep, then went and spent all my loan $$ at Farmacia on tinctures and such.  Wed. night Heather and Nay came over for dinner at Jen's and it was a nice mellow eve (though i felt like shit).  Thursday I rested all day then spent the late eve with Lucas and Chase!!!  Love them.  Spent the eve having a slumber party and catching up with Nay nay.
Today I am up early as usual going to meet Betty for coffee and get Sky's car.  Going to take Nay and Lucas to Golden Gate Park, then off to Marin for a hike with Jen and Nay.  Looks beautiful outside!  So ready to enjoy the city.  I HATE being sick on vk:(

Aug. 4th, 2008

(no subject)

This weekend came and went like they always do these days...Dan Luers made a visit to Philly on his way to Germany. It was great to see an old friend. He made a great comment: "remember when we use to always party, now we are doing work on a weekend at the coffee shop. God we are boring." Well it is true that the days of observing on boats in Hawaii and the rock star lifestyle that came with it is officially gone. But I am glad to be on a different plain. I feel I am on a path to really making a difference in this world and that has always been my ultimate goal.

I did my second clinical day at Pleasanton Place -a nursing home right down the street from my house. It is a challenge. The home is so depressing, but the old folks are sooo cute and sweet. I had my first taste of stage 3 and 4 pressure ulcers and gangrene. Pressure ulcers or bed sores are completely disgusting holes in peoples bodies, but I secretly love and am intrigued by these disgusting things. One girl fainted and my teacher caught her before she hit the floor. I spent most of my day with a hospice care patient who is 76 and has lung cancer, Mr. Felton. He is a doll. Tomorrow is our last day at the nursing home. Then we start up clinical at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

I attended the first Friday in Old City with Dana and Xenia after class. It was okay, a reminder of first Fridays in Hawaii but less drinking. We had a good girls eve. Dan arrived and we headed to Margaux going away party briefly. Sat. we ran the trail along the river, did work at the coffee shop and headed to a house party of a classmate and her boyfriends new place. Sunday, I went to watch Allison's SheROX competition at the river. I caught the swim portion of the triathlon. The bike ride there was awesome, it was the first time I had gone that far into Fairmont Park. Then more cafe work and a volunteer meeting ate the rest of my day. 

Jul. 20th, 2008

Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements...

...The lyrics of my newest song obsession from Adele...

I have truly dove into some heavy shit with this school adventure!  It consumes my every breath.
We have not even been in class a month and I have had papers, lab exams, lecture exams, shadowing etc.  BUT I am LOVE with this shit.  I would go to school versus working any day.  Being on a strict budget is another story.  I can't do a whole lot these days, and as usual I am in over my head.  I volunteer at a clinic on Monday nights after class at the UCC (United Community Clinic- check us out at http://www.med.upenn.edu/ucclinic/index.html), I volunteer once a week at the healing center in exchange for free yoga classes- http://www.studio34yoga.com/ , volunteer with PALS (Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support-http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~doulas/hope), and hope to take a research work study position in HIV meds or adolescent medicine...with some babysitting to get my baby fix.
I start clinical next week and my first rotation is with the elderly which will be a challenge for me.  I hate seeing old people deteriorating, but I do love their stories and experience in life.  I am just deathly afraid of becoming old myself.  This will be a really great clinical for me.  I hopefully get to do my OBGYN and Pediactric rotation in Isreal in the spring which I am SOOO excited about, and my community health in Boswana next summer.  Atleast with this 3 year commitment I can still get some travel in :)

I keep motivated in school with an awaiting reward of returning "home" to the city!!  I do love Philly, but I miss my friends in SF so much.  And so here I come to play, August 19th- Sept.1 (the 25-30ish I will be going to Burning Man, any takers???) Please email me so that we can plan to spend sometime together:  lotusbirth@gmail.com

I often ponder lately why in my search of that special someone I tend to keep falling for younger guys. Who would of ever thought after all I have been through that I would want that.  Maybe I am just young at heart.  Check out this article on shifting trends:
It is not just older men dating younger women, young guys dig older women.  We are experienced and for the most part drama free because we know what we want, right?

Today I am holding space for my dear friend Kellie whom is losing her father (like an uncle to me) to stage 4 cancer in his lungs.  Be grateful for your love ones, you never know what the next will bring...

I can't be more proactive in tell all of you to make that choice to quit smoking.  In this field I have seen young people (late 30's-40's)  dealing with lung cancer (which there is NO cure or much that can even be done), emphysema, black lung, bronchitis, heart disease and an added risk factor for many more. 

I will try to update every Sunday...time permitting.  Miss you all and keep me updated on YOU.  Keeping in touch has become harder these days and email updates are little treasures to me.

Jun. 15th, 2008

Day 9, stuck in Chicago because of weather

 After an awesome night at Northernly Island with Stevie Nicks, I woke up to severe thunderstorms with 70 mile winds.  I am going to hang out to see what transpires and maybe leave to Indianapolis later today.  What the hell is going on with our weather patterns???  Here comes the hail...

On another note Stevie Nicks is still a bad ass, dressed in her gyspy garb.  She did an awesome cover of Dave Matthews Crash along with some good old Fleetwood Mac stuff (White winged dove and Rhiana).

Jun. 14th, 2008

Day 8, still in Chicago

 I spent the day with Bridget, Jeanette and adorable Liam (LOVE him, he is my new Lucas).  It's HOT here.  I can wear a sun dress all day and night.  It's amazing.  We had apps, wine and some great Cali green at Bridget's amazing flat.  We had one too many bottles of wine, sorry for the drunk texts!!  I did get Bridge to admit that she "probably "did try locking Kelli and I in our room at the Iguana Pierdida in Santa Cruz, Lago Atitlan.  I knew it!!!  Sangeet also came over whom I have not seen since the he drifted off at 1 am on a canoe to try and catch his plane.  Good memories!

Today is my last day here and what better way to spend it than a Stevie Nicks concert at Northernly Island.  Manana I am back on the road to Indiana... 

Read Skinny Bitch!!  You will be appalled and become a veggie for sure.

"I got a dyslexic heart."

Jun. 13th, 2008

Road Tripping...

Arrived in Chi-town last night after a brush with deadly weather.  I realized how much I am LOVED!!  Thanks everyone for the weather reports, advice on tornados and lighting (which hit the highway two car lengths in front of me) and text messaging support.  
Reasons this brush with scary weather was twice as scary:
1) I am not historically known to be the most agile driver
2) My car is filled to the brim with a bike strapped on by fishing buoy line and cute mini bungees (who would of ever thought I would use those).
3) The windshield wipers arent up to par
4) Why the fuck didnt I check the weather.  facebook is by far not a priority or is it 
5) Driving and texting isn't something I am proud of but I am pretty good at it
6) I am just an island girl and don't know nothing about no tornados and driving in bad weather.  Are those huge rain drops?  Nope huge hail (ice balls).  what the fuck I was sweating 10 miles back 

So I am with Bridget and Sangeet-more pals from my time in Guatemala.  And I have been rewarded with a ticket to see Stevie Nicks!!!  Dude my first dog was named Fleetwood.   Damn, Fleetwood Mac goes down as one of the all time greatest :)